German Auto Sport provides quality service with integrity for my 1998 528i. Still runs great after 280k miles.

5 German Auto Sport 2/22/2018

Very thorough and honest service, super cool staff that know every single inch of any bmw. Fair and honest people!

5 German Auto Sport 2/20/2018

Top notch, world class service. Extremely polite and knowledgeable crew. I’d trust these guys with my ‘93 525iT anyday.

5 German Auto Sport 2/16/2018

these guys are great..they have been taking care of my 1995 bmw 325i since arriving in the bay area..would not take my car anywhere else.

5 German Auto Sport 2/10/2018

Great staff of professional and knowledgeable people!

5 German Auto Sport 2/9/2018

If quality and fairness and good prices are what you were looking for, look no further than this shop. I cannot say enough about the people and the service that I get here. They are 100% fair. They are also very concerned about your well-being and safety with your car. Unlike other shops who tack on time or extra jobs so that they can make money, this shop really talks to you and let you know exactly what you need to do.

5 German Auto Sport 2/9/2018

G.A.S was recommended to me by a friends who's crazy about cars so I knew that coming from him, this place had to be good. I got to the shop and was greeted by Yar. I popped the hood open and he knew exactly what the issue was in a matter of seconds. As we continued talking, I could tell this guy truly knew what he was talking about. My vehicle was leaking oil all over the place and after several cans of part cleaner, the guys were able to not only address the issue but clean all affected parts. Yar asked that I bring the car once a month over the next couple of months to inspect it to ensure that everything's okay which tells me that these guys do care about their customers. In short, if you're looking for professional, knowledgeable and fair mechanic shop, this is the place to go! Keep up the good work guys!

5 German Auto Sport 2/7/2018

All the staff are wonderful, and so skilled. They really care about the safety of your car and test it to make sure everything is tip top! Prices much better than the dealership.

5 German Auto Sport 2/3/2018

Great service!!!! This shop is all about attention to detail! Plus fair prices. Highly recommend!

4.5 German Auto Sport 2/1/2018

Fast, clean work and solid advice. I highly recommend!

5 German Auto Sport 2/1/2018