Top notch service as always.

5 German Auto Sport 3/17/2018

Great Service, great guys

5 German Auto Sport 3/15/2018

We all know what the difference in experience is between being taken care of by a family run business vs. a corporate one. German auto is the former, a group of people extremeley passionate about what they do. Dedicated to their job, and commited to making the right choices when it comes to small or large issues. If you’re smart, and want to fix something once (that is actually fixable, because they’ll tell you if it isn’t) you should give them your business.

5 German Auto Sport 3/14/2018

Great work!! I love doing business with German Auto Sport, they always do a wonderful job and they treat me with great respect. Thanks, TEAM everyone at the shop is GREAT!!!

5 German Auto Sport 3/13/2018

Where to begin with my latest experience at German Auto Sport? I have to say as with all business and career models that rely person to person interaction, relationship is key. Not every BMW shop in the Bay can say they have performed an auto to manual swap on an E30 325ix, German Auto Sport can, and they have done so professionally. Trusting a shop to perform a transmission conversion is a big step. My E30 had come to a point where the slush box was practically gone. Considering the appreciating value of these cars, I talked to Chris to see what options we had for the ix. Since this isn't a daily driver we had time to map out a plan...I think this is key for drivers who are working on "projects." In the end I provided the transmission and transfer case, GAS took care of the rest and threw in some "goodies," yeah, we know each other a few years now. They paid attention to every detail and made sure the work was representative of their shop but not just that, this car was taken care of as if it was their own. Of course, this is all backed by their unbeatable warranty but more than that, I value Chris and his teams' friendship and honesty. While the ix was in the shop our family's e46 touring developed a misfire and we towed it in. The team went above and beyond to point me in the right direction without selling me a service. I mention this because most of the time, dealing with a shop can be frustrating if everything is a sales pitch. In my multiple visits to GAS I see Chris and Yar welcoming customers for a brief quote or advice, scanning or resetting codes at no charge...even listening to rambling customers as they go on and on and on.... These guys understand customer service and are invested in building and maintaining not just BMW's but positive relationships with their customers. I think if I could offer any advice to those considering GAS for service it would be: 1) be clear about your needs and share as much as you can about your vehicle's history, 2) understand your car isn't the only car being serviced, some services will require more time so be mindful reasonable in your expectations, being rude gets you nowhere 3) your car was designed to work with quality parts so no, the quote may not be as low as the auto zone guy suggested, 4) your car is a reflection of you so if you've driven it carelessly and maintained it poorly it will come back to bite you, and lastly 5) learn to work on your car and these guys will be happy to share knowledge so don't be afraid to ask!

5 German Auto Sport 3/13/2018

Amazing shop and even more amazing people! If you have a BMW, tuned or not, these guys will take care of you. Highly recommended!

5 German Auto Sport 2/24/2018

German Auto Sport provides quality service with integrity for my 1998 528i. Still runs great after 280k miles.

5 German Auto Sport 2/22/2018

Very thorough and honest service, super cool staff that know every single inch of any bmw. Fair and honest people!

5 German Auto Sport 2/20/2018

Top notch, world class service. Extremely polite and knowledgeable crew. I’d trust these guys with my ‘93 525iT anyday.

5 German Auto Sport 2/16/2018

these guys are great..they have been taking care of my 1995 bmw 325i since arriving in the bay area..would not take my car anywhere else.

5 German Auto Sport 2/10/2018