It’s been in the works for a while, but come September, Volkswagen is expected to unveil in Frankfurt its new, electric Volkswagen ID.3

It’s hard to get any details, but like all electric cars, it’s likely to be a lively, fun to drive vehicle. In the meantime, Volkswagen has given out some data – naturally the most important information is the range.

According to their spokesman, Volkswagen will offer three versions – low end version with electric range of only 200 miles. But it will also offer mid-range version with 260 mile range. This will get you to Tahoe without having to recharge, and allow a margin of safety for inclement weather. The high end version will offer a respectable range of 340 miles. If these numbers hold true, this may be the electric car breakthrough we have been waiting for.

When the electric Volkswagen becomes available in the US, we will provide ID.3 owners with Volkswagen service and repairs, as we do for other Volkswagen models. In the meantime, we will keep you posted on the future Volkwagen ID.3 developments.