As most of us have noticed, electric vehicles are eerily silent when moving at low speeds. By law, they are now required to make sounds to warn pedestrians that they are in motion.

Well, Mercedes-Benz announced that they are working on a whole new sound selection for the electric Mercedes-Benz – they call it “selectable soundscapes”.

It’s a twist on the idea of making the electric car generate sound when moving – because Mercedes is developing sound selection that will be played through the interior speakers – the sounds will change as the vehicle accelerates, brakes, etc.

These new sounds will be artificially generated, and driver and passengers will hear them through the infotainment system. Mercedes is also thinking about developing a whole new category of sounds for signaling various vehicle states – when it’s unlocked, when it is fully charged, etc.

At German Auto Sport in Berkeley we are thrilled with the new additions – not just the sounds, but the coming Mercedes electric vehicles. Sadly, the introduction of the Mercedes EQC crossover in the United States was delayed due to the pandemic.

So for now, German Auto Sport remains the premier Berkeley Mercedes-Benz repair shop – for the conventional, gasoline powered Mercedes vehicles.  Whether your Mercedes needs Service A, Service B, or major repairs, we are happy to be of service. You can get more information on our website, on the Mercedes repair page, or simply call us at the shop. For your convenience, we also offer online appointments.